GPS Based Predicitve Lap Timer Project

Teaser Alert:
Here is a picture of a project I’m currently working on: GPS based predictive lap timing. As you can see in the picture, I’m using an ATmega32U4 based Teensy USB Dev Board and a LOCOSYS LS20031 5Hz GPS. However, the project will eventually need more memory. I’m considering using an ATXmega128A3, and I’ve already received an Eval-USB-128L Development Board from Boston Android. Updates and a full report to follow…

Predictive Lap Timer

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2 Responses to GPS Based Predicitve Lap Timer Project

  1. Jim says:

    Good project. I’m curious to know how you’ll squeeze the algorithm into an Arduino. To predict the current lap time I would think you’ll need to keep some sort of buffer of the “best lap” with incremental positions and elapsed time.

  2. Jim Eli says:

    You’re right, as I see it the program will need to buffer both the best and current laps for comparison purposes. A back of the napkin calculation shows a 5Hz GPS will need 300*2*sizeof(data) for each minute of lap. I have a few tricks to keep the memory usage to a minimum. However, it will probably need more than an Arduino has available.

    I have a very rough C-language version of the program currently running on Windows. However, my next step in the process is to put together a GPS simulator to assist in the development. Soon I’ll post a few blogs about that.

    Stay tuned…

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