NavSpark and GPS Predictive Lap Timer

This cool little programmable (via a modified Arduino IDE) GNSS device should be capable of implementing all of the functionality needed for a predictive Lap Timer. There are models which integrate GPS/Beidou, GPS/GLONASS and GPS/Galileo. SkyTraq Technology Inc., a leading GNSS technology company, developed the device via an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. I have several on the way.


NavSpark features:
100MHz 32bit RISC Processor with 16Kbyte I-Cache and 2Kbyte D-Cache
IEEE-754 Compliant Floating Point Unit
1MByte Flash Memory
212Kbyte SRAM
GPS Receiver
UART x 2
SPI x 2
I2C x 1
17 Digital I/O (shared with above functional pins)
1 Pulse Per Sec Timing Reference with +/-10nsec Accuracy
Customized Arduino IDE with GPS SDK Seamlessly Integrated

About Jim Eli

µC experimenter
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