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Arduino GPS-based Lap Timer Revisited

GPS-based lap timing code is located here. The source code provided is an MSVC program used for testing purposes. This is simply the basic algorithms needed to function. Very little error checking is performed by the program. It can easily … Continue reading

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Arduino BBQ Fan Temperature Controller

Commercially sourced BBQ temperature controllers are expensive. They start at about US $200 and average well above $300. Most include WIFI interfaces too. So I thought I could do better. This is the first step in making a BBQ temperature … Continue reading

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Blynk-ing an ANAVI Light Controller

The ANAVI Light Controller is an open source hardware WiFi development board. As the name suggests it controls 12V RGB LED strip lights and can retrieve data from various I2C sensor modules for temperature, humidity, light and gestures. In this … Continue reading

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Controlling an Itead Sonoff B1 Color LED Bulb Using Blynk

The Itead Sonoff B1 color LED bulb is a 6W (2A maximum), 600lm output, RGB full color, dimmable bulb with an integrated ESP8285 WIFI chip. As purchased it can be controlled via the proprietary EWeLink application. However, I wanted to … Continue reading

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Using a Sonoff S31 with Blynk

This post will describe how the Itead Sonofff S31 can control a household AC electric device with a cellphone loaded with the Blynk application. Additionally, we can use the S31 to monitor energy usage by keeping track of real-time power, … Continue reading

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Blynk & Amazon Echo (Alexa) Controlled Lights via Smart Wall Switch

Works like a charm. See this post for a discussion about reverse-engineering the wifi smart wall switch and how to program it. The Blynk application uploaded to the Lyasi smart switch is below.

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Using Blynk to Control an RGB LED Strip with an ESP-8266

I am installing recessed RGB LED strip lighting under our kitchen cabinets and wanted to control them via Wifi and Amazon Alexa. I found and purchased an inexpensive ESP-8266 based Wifi controller on Amazon (see photo below). After a quick … Continue reading

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