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Predicitive Arduino GPS Lap Timer (Test)

My Arduino-based (Mega) predictive GPS lap timer under test using an Arduino (168 Duemilanove) as the scripted GPS Simulator. Main loop of code:

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Serial Transfer of Text File from PC to Arduino

I need to make a GPS Simulator to assist in the development of my Predictive Lap Timer Project. I have some data files (Race Technology DL-1 Data Logger) from racing at various tracks, and I realized I could use this … Continue reading

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GPS Based Predicitve Lap Timer Project

Teaser Alert: Here is a picture of a project I’m currently working on: GPS based predictive lap timing. As you can see in the picture, I’m using an ATmega32U4 based Teensy USB Dev Board and a LOCOSYS LS20031 5Hz GPS. … Continue reading

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